Jordan Doggett

CEO of Operations, Aztar Marketing

Here at Aztar Marketing we are focused on generating press coverage on behalf of clients and to serve as the bridge between clients, their public and media outlets. Our agency specializes in writing press releases, managing campaigns and performing other public relations functions.

Creating a buzz for our clients and helping them further build their brand is our specialty. We have an array of media websites and soundclouds that we have access to which include but are not limited to the following: HiphopDX,, hiphopchronicles,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and a number of blogs who pick up from these sites. Also take in regard that
your music will be submitted to 150+ outlets between music blogs and Soundcloud.

Our network grows every day. Some of the more major blogs take a little longer to get on, anywhere between 3-7 releases because they are a lot more selective when it comes to posting underground artists and want to make sure they are posting “the next big thing.”

What’s important is that they will see the emails, open them, check out your music, and familiarize themselves with you. Now they will know who you are when they see you posted on the other blogs and your chances of getting showcased will increase with every release.

We aren’t sending the submissions to a submissions email, we are getting in personal contact with the head bloggers of these sites – if you research past clients, you will notice that those who were posted on major blogs were posted by the head bloggers.

What you are paying for essentially is the written press release and the guarantee of every blog listed getting a chance to check your music out, and a high percentage of them posting it. We don’t work with anyone whom we don’t believe we can get coverage for. Our coverage is organic – people that we work with do not post anything that they don’t like; your music is not getting skimmed over, it’s being digested and posted after consideration. We cannot guarantee a post on every site but our agency has an extremely high success rate of blog features for our clients, such as, Justice, Nuke Major, Lebanon Don, Saint Tut, Fly Dizz, OG Che$$, Chise and Young Grust Rich Fam.

Marketing Package


Press Kit

Starting at $475


Minimum budget starts at $300/month – Price may very depending on what is exactly needed and on a monthly basics.

Management / Public Relations

$100 per hour

Digital Distribution Consolation

We will discuss how you can earn money today with digital distribution and the proper way on getting a distribution deal. Also we will help you get your music to over 50+ digital markets.

$100 per hour

Music Industry Consolation

Discuss the in- and outs of the music industry as well as what to do with your music. We also will point you into the right direction to best fit your genre of music. There are great benefits that come with this Consolation because of the network that you can build with us and the people we will connect you too.

Starting at $400.00

Press Release

Submissions minimum per month are required to start any effective social media promotional plans (sound cloud and/or video)

Artists participating in any multi-month plan will be expected to pay a discounted rate of $500. Any payments beyond the initial payment; will be expected to be paid IN FULL before the 5th of every month. Any late payments will result in a $100 penalty due to the fact planning for your release does not begin until the payment is received IN FULL. Please understand you are not our only client. Late payments result in us having less time to perform our press releases effectively and efficiently.

Single Promotion Packages


Souncloud Exposure

  • Song promoted to thousands of Listeners.
  • Fans will follow if the music is appealing to them, like your songs/playlists, repost your content which will also help you gain exposure to their followers, and comment on your songs.
  • Expect negative and positive comments can’t please everyone.
  • Get recommended to similar artists audience.


Spotify Marketing

  • Thousands of streams.
  • Target audience to ensure high engagement.
  • Fans will also add you to their personal playlists to help gain more exposure (they can share their playlists with their friends/followers also).
  • Premium streams (You will get paid for each stream you get)
  • Once Spotify recognizes your music is getting good traffic they will promote you on their end.
  • Consistent streams within your niche genre.


Supreme Starter Package

  • Spotify Marketing (RETURNS with royalties)
  • Premium Spotify streams, you will get paid for each stream you receive.
  • Soundcloud Marketing.
  • Blog placements.
  • Plus 1 more social media site of your choice (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Itunes, Etc…)
  • Targeted Audience of any choice (or we can target any musicians fans, so if you think you sound like “Drake” We can get fans who listens to his music listen to yours!
  • Positive and negative feedback should be expected
  • Personalized plan for your success (we can design an marketing strategy for you after this package once we see where you stand, we will help you find interviews and PAID shows


Spotify Advanced Marketing

  • Thousands of streams.
  • Targeted audience to make sure engagement is high.
  • Fans will also add you to their personal playlists if they like your songs, § Once Spotify notices your songs getting streams they will also promote you on their end placing you on their discovery tab helping you find more fans.
  • Consistent streams from premium users.


Soundcloud Viral Special

  • Tens of thousands of Listeners
  • You will trend within your niche genre
  • Fans will follow as they engage and enjoy your content (the better your track the more followers).
  • Fans will like your songs/playlists.
  • Content will get reposted
  • Expect negative and positive reactions


Diamond Marketing Plan

  • Music Blog / Music News Site Distribution (Up to 2 publications)
  • Spotify Specialized Campaign (Chose artist’s fans you want to target and cities you want to target)
  • Soundcloud Marketing
  • Plus another social media profile of your choice
  • 3+ week campaign
  • Targeted audience
  • Consistent marketing within niche genre.


Single/Video Marketing

  • Promotion of your “HIT SINGLE” on your choice of platform “Youtube, Soundcloud, etc.”
  • 5 Posts on Social Networks/Blogs in your niche: Music pages, Popular Facebook Music Pages,
    Google+, major ones only! (people interested in what you do!)
  • 4 NICHE related Blog Posts with embed video. (Page Rank up to 9)
  • 10,000 – GSA Tier 2 Links (helps to strengthen the blog posts)
  • High chance of going viral within your niche.


Gold Marketing Package

  • 4 Blog Placements (Targeted blogs of your choice)
  • Radio Interview
  • Spotify Promotion
  • Soundcloud Promotion
  • Youtube Marketing Campaign
  • And 4 More Social Media Profiles (Your Choice)
  • 6+ week campaign
  • Real fans with real engagements prepare for positive and negative feedback.
  • Real time monitoring and reporting
  • (After we build your social media following


Platinum Spotify Marketing Plan And Optimization

  • Thousands of PREMIUM USERS (Targeting Paid Spotify Users)
  • Fans will follow your Spotify account if the music is appealing to them.
  • Targeted audience to make sure engagement is high.
  • Fans will also add you to their personal playlists if they like your songs, this will help you gain more exposure (they can share their playlists with their friends/followers also).
  • Get recommended to similar artist fans.
  • Get on Spotify’s discovery system.
  • Consistent streams from premium users through out duration


  • Payment is accepted via PayPal ([email protected])
  • After payment is received in full, submissions will begin posting within 24 to 48 hours.
  • *Upon submission please include all social media links and/or hash tags you wish to appear on your post.